Our main services include

Web Design

We design websites mostly in HTML, and don’t use flash. Websites we design open quickly and are content rich. Our web design price includes many extras. You can view our web design portfolio and our prices page. These websites have been designed to look exactly like their owners want them to, while we ensure the content is rich, and the coding and meta tagging is correct.

Prior to March 2010, we didn’t use templates, but worked with clients to design their website from scratch, and to ensure that their website best reflects the nature, look, feel, and goals of their business.

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We do still work with clients to design sites from scratch, but these now cost a little more than the ready templates we provide.

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We do mostly natural outdoor shoots or take photos for some of our web design clients, in particular doing the photography for b&b and self-catering accommodation in and around East London, supply photos for website content, and do photoshop photo editing.

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We do a lot of writing. We write articles for people wanting more content on their websites for SEO purposes, or for better use of keywords or viewer information appropriate to their business product or service. We do research on a subject first if we aren’t too familiar with the topic.

We also rewrite existing articles or website content, changing layout, and using different words and phrases, and also expand upon, or summarise content meant for websites, often for our own web design clients too.

We edit written content, checking for grammatical or sentence structure errors, or spelling or typing mistakes, and also offer better word choices where applicable.